Nimble Institute of Cricket (NIOC)

Nimble Institute of Cricket (NIOC) is an innovative academy established by Nimble Sports and Events Private Ltd., dedicated to transforming the standards of cricket coaching and development in India and abroad. NIOC uniquely balances academics and sports, providing youth with the opportunity to excel in both fields and achieve their dreams without compromise. The academy is equipped with modern technology, high-class facilities, and certified coaches, ensuring comprehensive development for all students.

Growth and Expansion

Since its inception, NIOC has experienced steady growth, beginning in Delhi NCR and expanding to Ranchi. In partnership with the World Buddha Foundation (WBF), NIOC has established a world-class Cricket Residential Academy in Ranchi, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

Our Origins

Founded in 2017, Nimble Sports and Events Private Ltd. has always focused on sports management services. Through talent hunt programs and dedicated coaching, the company has transformed the lives of numerous aspiring cricketers, helping them achieve their full potential.

The Visionary Leader

The success and growth of NIOC are driven by the vision and determination of Mr. Rahul Arora. As a successful entrepreneur and sports investor, Mr. Arora is committed to revolutionizing cricket culture in India. His proactive approach and constant pursuit of improvement have been instrumental in NIOC’s development.

Mr. Rahul Arora believes in building a better today to ensure a brighter tomorrow, and his leadership reflects this ideology in every aspect of NIOC.

Join us at NIOC and become part of a legacy that shapes the future of cricket.